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Choose A Gas Fireplace Conversion To Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

Autumn is the perfect time to make your home prepared for the upcoming cold weather for which Denver, Colorado is famous. When you are not outside enjoying all of the snow for skiing and ice for skating, you will be spending a lot of time indoors in your home, and thus it makes sense to do whatever you can now to cozy up your home before the first snows fly. Many people already have heating systems in place, which can include fireplaces, but not all older fireplaces are up to the challenge of heating your home efficiently. If this describes what is happening in your home, you will want to look into a gas fireplace conversion. A fireplace gas conversion can take your drafty old fireplace and turn it into a modern heating machine.

There are several circumstances that might put your home in need of a gas fireplace conversion. If your home currently has an older propane gas fireplace in place, you may want to upgrade the system with a fireplace gas conversion. Another instance would be if you have a wood-burning fireplace, and decide that you would like the convenience of a gas fireplace, and so you could achieve that with a gas fireplace conversion. For fireplaces with broken parts, or older fireplaces that are so inefficient that it makes no sense to try to repair them, a fireplace replacement is in order.

The key component to a fireplace replacement or a gas fireplace conversion is the use of a gas insert. The gas insert is sized to fit the opening of your current fireplace so that there are no cracks or gaps. What the correct fit does is eliminate the heat produced by the gas fireplace replacement from being lost up the chimney flue, and the heat instead gets spread throughout your home. By using a fireplace gas conversion with your wood fireplace, you can have a cozier home, and you will be done with the messy cleaning chore of removing ashes and soot from the fireplace.

For poorly functioning old models, it makes sense to do a complete gas fireplace replacement. New models are beautiful, and can become the focal point of any room. You can also do a simple fireplace insert replacement as well. In order to learn more about which fireplace insert replacement units will function best with your existing fireplace, or if you want a full gas fireplace replacement, visit a local fireplace showroom.

4 Tips for Fireplace Efficiency

The fireplace has long been the favorite spot to gather in the American home. A place for warmth, the fireplace adds ambience, sparking memories that are to be treasured. With all the benefits that a fireplace can bring, there are some major downsides that if not addressed can cause a love for the fireplace to wane.

With soaring energy costs, the chief negative of having a fireplace has to be its inefficiency. When there is a fire burning, the fireplace does indeed radiate warmth in its general vicinity, but it also creates a convection current that can actually pull conditioned air out of the room and up the chimney causing your furnace to work overtime. When the fire is not burning, the fireplace has a damper which is supposed to block inside air from escaping and outside air from invading. The problem is that the damper is usually made of metal (this type of damper technology hasn’t changed in over 100 years!) and has no seal, which means that the damper is incredibly inefficient.

Your home has a dirty little secret – the fireplace that is designed to warm your house is actually doing the opposite and costing you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Don’t fret – with a little investment of time and money, you can turn that inefficient fireplace into a powerhouse heater that will reduce your energy bills and add even more charm to your existing fireplace.

The following is a list of 4 things that you can do yourself to drastically reduce the heating costs associated with the inefficiency of your fireplace.

1. Top Sealing Dampers replace the fireplace throat damper and are installed at the top of the chimney. The top sealing damper has a seal that acts like a storm door keeping the expensive conditioned air inside the house and the outside air – outside. This principle works year round, whether you’re heating or cooling your house. This product can be purchased online and is easily installed by either a homeowner or a handyman.

2. A fireback is a cast iron plate that is placed at the back of your fireplace. Its purpose is to protect the back wall from fire damage and it usually features a design that adds to the homes decor. The fireback improves the fireplaces efficiency by absorbing the heat from the fire and radiating the heat back into the room.

3. A Fireplace Heater pulls fresh air from the room, circulates it through a chamber that is heated by the fire and then blows the heated air back into the room. These heaters are closed systems so no smoke from the fireplace is invading the home. Depending on which kind you purchase, these heaters can make a significant difference in your homes temperature, even heating a full room on its own. Specific fireplace heaters can be installed with fireplace glass doors which will kick your cost savings up another notch.

4. Fireplace Glass Doors will likely carry the largest investment, but you can reduce some of that cost by doing some of the work yourself. There are a number of fireplace doors that can be purchased online and come with easy to install instructions. The fireplace glass door creates a barrier between the living space and the chimney, thus reducing the area that your furnace will have to heat. This alone is a good reason to install these doors, but it’s not the only reason. Fireplace glass doors offer another level of safety for the home by protecting children and pets from the fire. If you have a wood burning fireplace you will want to purchase the screen mesh that is designed to go with the fireplace glass doors. This will allow you to have the doors open while the fire is burning and still have your home protected from sparks and embers. Fireplace glass doors are now being manufactured with modern designs and really add beauty and charm to the fireplace. If you’re handy, all of these suggestions are easy to accomplish. In addition, all of the products, while difficult to find locally, can easily be purchased online. If you’re concerned about high energy costs but you want to keep your fireplace, then it’s time to plug up the holes in your monthly energy budget by plugging up the holes in your fireplace.

Choosing the Best Fireplace

A fireplace offers more than warmth; select with care and you’ll get personality too. Sorry to say it can be difficult to make the correct choice.
Not only must you choose between traditional and contemporary; there’s also the option of whether to go for gas, electric or solid fuel.
Fires and stoves come in a selection of various colours and styles. What is more there are choices to be made between surrounds, hearths and accessories.
Factors to Consider
When deciding upon a new fire, the initial consideration will be anchored in appearance. Sleek and contemporary or period style?
After choosing your fireplace style, you need to give thought to your energy-type. For gas or solid fuel, the type of chimney in your home is of prime importance.
Which Chimney?
• Brick chimney
• Prefabricated Flue
• Pre-cast Flue
• No Chimney or Flue
Brick Chimney Features
• Chimney pot visible on roof
• External chimney stack
• Internal chimney breast
Fireplace Choices
• Solid fuel stoves and casts
• Any gas fire
• Any electric fire
Pre-fabricated Flue Features
• External metal flue pipe on roof
• False internal chimney breast
Fireplace Choices
• Multi-flue gas fires
• Selected gas fires (depending on depth of false chimney breast)
• Selected electric fires (depending on depth of false chimney breast)
Pre-cast flue Features
• Raised ridge tile on the roof
• Metal flue pipe on the roof
• No internal or external chimney breast
Fireplace Choices
• Multi-flue gas fires
• Selected gas fires (depending on depth of false chimney breast)
• Any electric fire
If you have no pre-existing chimney or flue you can take your choice of electric fires, or opt for a flueless gas fire (depending on room size).
Carbon Neutral Heating
Given the recent problems in Japan; countless people are giving thought to fuel and the environment. Undeniably the most easy carbon-neutral heating system is a woodburning stove.

Although burning wood gives off Carbon Dioxide (CO2); this is CO2 absorbed during the life of the tree, so no extra CO2 is liberated into the atmosphere. Make sure you burn wood from a sustainable source, and you will generate a closed carbon cycle; the outcome is carbon-neutral.
Climate Neutral Heating
To become carbon-neutral:
• Choose your stove carefully
• Look for a stove that meets rigorous ecological standards
• Inspect the flue regularly
• Burn clean wood only
• Burn dry wood only (less than 20% moisture content)
• Ensure sufficient ventilation.
Can Woodburning Stoves be Dangerous
Woodburning stoves are all-the-rage but, are they perilous?
The current study published in Chemical Research in Toxicology suggests that breathing particulate matter from a wood burning stove is like breathing car exhaust fumes.

Professor Steffen Loft of Copenhagen University comments that the tiny airborne spots of particulate matter found in wood-smoke are “small enough to be inhaled into the deepest part of the lungs,” and “can certainly cause fatal heart or lung disease.” also, Professor Loft claims there are links between wood smoke and other disease processes, for instance asthma, bronchitis, and cancer.
Along the lines of our suggestions above, Professor Loft suggests the following:
• Use dry wood
• Cut wood into small pieces
• Ensure a god flow of air to minimise emissions
A German study into wood-burning stoves published December 2010, reported similar conclusions.
The Death Knell for Wood Burning Stoves?
So is this the finish of woodburning stoves? No. The Solar Fuel Association responded that there is very little chance of vapours being released into a property from a correctly fitted stove.

Design Versatility with Bamboo Flooring from BothBest Enterprises

If you are looking for a flooring material that can give your room that fresh and clean ambience, then the best choice for you is bamboo flooring. Bamboo made textiles possess that beautiful characteristic texture that are unlike any other wooden flooring. Apart from that, they can also come in varying shades so you have more option in terms of the design and hue of your floors. Bamboo textiles are also very versatile and can go with any room design that you fancy. They can bring coziness back to contemporary designs that may have overly bold colors and a modern taste to that classical room. ac contractor

So if you are now looking for a flooring material to fill your brand new or even your newly renovated floors, then bamboo floors can be the perfect material to turn that room into that perfect space. One of the leading textile companies to turn to for this kind of material is a company called the BothBest Enterprise. This company has dedicated itself to the manufacturing and distribution of engineered bamboo flooring products and materials. Yes, there are a number of companies that also offer similar products but do read on and find out why this company is the best possible choice for bamboo made floorings today!

To start of, Both Best Enterprise has been in the textile business for almost a decade and is distributing their products in various countries all around the globe. They are known to have the highest quality strand bamboo flooring and textiles in the industry, tested and proven by thousands of satisfied customers. BothBest Enterprise harvests their bamboo straight from China. And you need not worry about them destroying all those trees because this company have made it its job to plant new bamboo plans to sustain their numbers in the wild.

The bamboo flooring products from China based BothBest Enterprise are guaranteed one hundred percent resistant to weathering and scratching. This way, you are sure to enjoy that beautiful floor for years and years to come. The processing techniques and the stain that they use are of top quality and will guarantee you nothing but the best and the sturdiest products that the market has to offer. They also have materials with the lowest formaldehyde content so you are guaranteed that you have inside your walls the safest bamboo floors possible. Furnace repair

So why settle for anything less? If you want your bamboo textiles to last for years and years, then the best people to turn to for high quality bamboo flooring is right here at the Both Best Enterprise. They offer their products at very affordable prices and guarantee you that every cent you pay will be all worth it. So visit their website today to view their different flooring shades and get more details about the service that they offer. You can also get their complete contact information on the website so log on and start shopping!

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Log

The golden embers with red glow and the sound of crackling of burning wood are the things that human loves in their traditional wood burning fireplace. But did you know that there is also outdoor gas fireplace log that can mimic the attributes of real logs?

Of course, nothing beats the authentic burning woods but outdoor gas fireplace log is good enough to impart some burning effect to their gas fueled fireplace. And these gas logs will not tire you afterwards because there is no ashes and no smoke whatsoever.

All you will get is the glowing and burning wood fire effect even without putting a single wood to your fireplace. The outdoor gas fireplace logs that are available in the market today are designed to simulate the real wood.

These outdoor gas fireplace logs are made of ceramic, ceramic fiber or concrete that even comes with authentic marks of ax that natural log has. These real-looking outdoor gas fireplace logs can be installed in most masonry fireplaces, prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces, and even vent-less fireplaces.

Some of the gas fueled prefabricated fireplaces are already equipped with simulated logs and for those gas fireplaces that do not have the gas fireplace logs yet, you can buy them at fireplace stores. One good place to shop for outdoor gas fireplace logs is the Internet.

You can see a wide variety of outdoor gas fireplace logs that is priced according to the quality of there wood burning effect. The more realistic the log is, the more expensive it will be. And when shopping for gas logs, you should take not of the specifications of your fireplace so that you will know the proper logs that will look great to your fireplace.

Online fireplace stores often put their outdoor gas fireplace logs on sale. But before buying any gas logs, check out if your state need any special testing or certification for the use of gas logs

Denver Gas Fireplace Logs And Your Home This Winter

There is something quite mesmerizing about flames dancing along the logs of a burning fire. When that fire is in your gas fireplace in your home, you can enjoy the ambiance created by it anytime of the day or night that you desire. There are many options in the appearance of today’s modern gas log sets. Denver homeowners may selected from traditional gas logs, Denver rocks and even more modernistic- looking apparatus. Each are designed to give you an appearance that is in keeping with your home or office’s interior design style, while offering an excellent and efficient heat source as well as the ambiance you want.

Modern gas logs burn much differently than old gas logs. Denver homeowners might remember the distinctive blue flame that used to come from older gas log sets, but that is now a feature of the past, because a bright, lifelike golden flame is possible with new gas logs. Denver residents can enjoy a realistic-looking fire without all of the hassles that come from maintaining a wood-burning fireplace.

Fireplace manufacturers go to great lengths to create a natural appearance in their gas logs. Denver fireplace showrooms have a wide variety on display, so that you can see them yourself and decide on your preferences for gas log sets. Denver residents might select from a variety of different Denver gas fireplace logs styles, like a bonfire look, a split bonfire, burnt logs that glow and logs that look like real oak logs.

Burners are used to produce the embers and flames that you see with the gas logs. Denver fireplace showrooms can help you decide on the type and number you will need in order to achieve the look you want from your gas log fireplace. Denver showrooms will show several configurations set up of the burners that go into a gas log fireplace. Denver shoppers can then see that the more burners you have in the fireplace, the larger the flame and ember bed, which is appropriate for a larger fireplace.

If you want to retrofit your existing wood-burning fireplace, then you will definitely want to check out gas fireplace inserts; Denver fireplace stores carry several different brands and models. You will need the exact size of your current fireplace opening when you shop for gas fireplace inserts. Denver fireplace technicians can then show you which varieties will best fit in your fireplace, and fit is important for making sure heat does not leak up the chimney and get wasted.

Ease of use is a major factor in selecting gas logs; Denver homeowners then need never clean soot and ash. Instant start with the flip of a switch is all it takes to bring on the flames with your gas logs. Denver homeowners can learn more by visiting a neighborhood fireplace showroom for more information.