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September 6, 2019

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How to tackle the Challenges of Parenting in this Modern World

The excited response to the exposing of the college admissions scandal showed how much things had gotten worse. It also served to show how bad things had gotten over time. Nobody wanted to talk about it, even though it was getting worse by the day. This was the case of rich parents using money to get their kids places to join some of the best colleges in the country. Those truly deserving would be robbed of their places, and the overall system would be watered down in terms of quality. As the parents went about doing all they could for their kids, they were in the process making things much wore for their kids. In the process, others would be hurt as well.

When you have money, you are at an advantage, but you are certainly not a better parent. The challenge lies in raising kids who are confident, self-motivated and secure. Money only plays a minute role in this process. This comes down to what you do. You need to impart in them the value of hard work, for them to develop some grit. Let they make mistakes and learn from them as well. They should also tackle their problems, and only step in when it is clearly overwhelming. They should also be independent and exercise better judgment, so that they shall manage to cope when you are not around.

It is clear that you only make things worse when you throw money at your child’s problems. Kids will turn to you to learn good values and to know what the right way is. They can feel when all they are getting instead is money and nice things. They will love to be in comfortable homes and schools, but they will treasure the things you take time to teach them. You now have a chance to make sure they learn integrity, empathy, good judgment, and self-control. They need guidance from you, and limit setting. They will thus develop realistic expectations on themselves and hose they deal with. Your decision not to teach them that is the same as neglecting them. There is no way you can expect the child to work hard after they have seen you handle their problem with some money. Seeing as they learn from you, you will have taught them quite something. They will not see a need to get good grades in school. They know you will do something about it with money. This shall also be expected once they fail in the college whose placement you bought for them. They know that you shall do the same when it is time for them to get a job. Being a parent is more than what you can afford for your kids.

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