The Cookware that Outperforms all Others

September 5, 2019

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Great home cooks know that it is not always about the recipe. Preparation also requires the right equipment, and the pans people choose can make a difference in the ease of cooking the meal as well as the quality of the final product. Over the years, most cooks will try Teflon, cast iron, and stainless among many others that claim to be the best. Those that really want a quality product need to learn more about carbon steel pans.

Qualities to Consider

Pan shopping means looking for cookware that is lightweight but durable. A reliable pan is one that disperses heat evenly and heats up quickly. A chef with unlimited storage space may happily own a pan for every type of food they cook. However, the average home cook needs one or two pans they can trust with everything. The best carbon steel pans meet all these requirements.

Benefits Over Others

Carbon steel looks similar to its close cousin, cast iron, but is slightly more refined. The pans cook as reliably as cast iron pans but take less time to heat up and are easier to maneuver because they are lighter. The pan, unlike other types of cookware, does well in a busy kitchen with all the burners running because it stands up to intense heat without scorching. The ability of the material to hold heat means it works well to keep side dishes warm while other dishes cook.

Responsibilities of Owners

Like cast iron, carbon steel pans rely on their owners to care for them properly. Owners should season new pans after the removal of the wax that coats the pans for protection. Recommended methods for seasoning can vary between manufacturers. Regular maintenance means cleaning with a soft sponge and water and minimal dish soap, rinse well, and either dry fully with a towel or allow it to dry on a warm burner.

Anyone seeking an affordable and safe cookware option should learn more about carbon steel. The pans can last almost indefinitely if properly seasoned and cared for to prevent rusting. Anyone that enjoys cast iron but struggles with the heavy cookware will want to upgrade to carbon steel.