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September 7, 2019

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Importance of Mulch

Mulch is defined as a layer put to the surface of a farm for reasons like weed control, soil water conservation and boost soil fertility. Mulch have the following benefits.

Obviously, many farmers opt for mulch to conserve the soil moisture and allow normal growth of plant despite the harsh weather condition. The mulch conserve the soil moisture by controlling the temperature of the soil and trap the moisture. Organic mulch is very important to agriculture sector because, despite the climate, a farmer is able to carry on his/her farming activities. Temperature of the soil moist is reduced to the point of converting to water before it escapes into the atmosphere.

The top fertile soil is usually protected from all forms of soil erosion through rainwater or wind. Agents of erosion carry away loose top fertile soil leaving behind infertile hard soil. In case topsoil which is rich in mineral and fertility is carried away, the land becomes unproductive to a farmer. Soil barrenness can cause a farm to be unproductive leading to famine and hunger. Strong winds are also effective soil erosion agent. A land that has lost its loose topsoil becomes so difficult to till or work on because what remains is the hard soil which is unproductive.

The use of mulching on a farm improves the fertility. The decomposition of mulch turns the mulch into manure which increases the soil fertility. When mulch decomposes and turns into manure, your farm’s fertility is improved for free unlike purchasing expensive inorganic fertilizers. Mulch also decomposes and regulate the soil PH which is favorable for plant growth.

Weed control is another benefit of using mulch in your farm. The germination of weed seeds is prevented by mulch. Germination of a seed is facilitated by air, water, warmth, and minerals. Due to lack of sufficient air, the seeds of weeds are unable to germinate.

Fifthly, mulch is very cheap and affordable to almost all farmers. Mulch does not require specialized skills to prepare. Industrial mulch is cheap and the delivery is made to your farm.

Mulch can also be used for decoration apart from farming purposes. Decoration by mulch is usually done using river stone. River stones have varied properties that make them favorite for mulch decoration.

Organic mulch are environmentally friendly. Manure from mulch enhance soil aeration and water conservancy.

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