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September 6, 2019


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A Starters Guide to Designing a Custom Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are tokens that signify unity. In this article, We Will be talking about how to design a custom challenge coin to rally up your team and boost morale.

A Challenge coin is not just some token with an insignia engraved on to it. They are valuable relics that are given to those whose membership has been proven and tested under challenges and to show importance to those who have helped carry out vital tasks. They represent the unit you are part of. People that have been given the honor of being awarded a challenge coin carry them proudly.

Though challenge coins are unique and are not created equal. The design on the face of a challenge coin can be a factor that brings your unit or team together. If you have no background in designing, you might be puzzled as to how you can be able to perform this task. But worry not, we will be discussing how you can design a great challenge coin for your unit or team.

Use an image that is relevant to your message.

The image is the face of your challenge coin, it is the most important aspect of designing your custom challenge coin. The first thing for you to do is think of a message that you want to convey. Then make a short list of images or symbols that portrays your message.

Example, you have a team called the Little Rock Falcons. You will want to focus your attention on the imagery of a falcon along with the Little Rock flag motif.

If the challenge coin is to symbolize a championship win, you might also want to add an image of a trophy to further signify your message.

Limit the text on your coin.

The message of your challenge coin should obviously be read through the image and that any text should be there only to support it, this ensures a clean and neat design. Limiting the text is a great way of keeping a clean design. But there are cases where text is necessary in order to convey certain messages, here are ways of keeping it neat. Use a larger coin diameter. Put the text on the border of the coin in a circular manner. Use obvious abbreviations when necessary.

Stay away from clip art.

Challenge coins should represent your team’s goals, mission, and values. This means challenge coins are unique and are deeply personal.

Do not make use of clip art in order to give out your message. Hire an artist to do so or you could even draw a design yourself, a custom design makes it unique and even more personal.

You can click for more information about designing your own custom challenge coins.

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